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AKM provided me a wholesome experience of working in a corporate law firm as the works assigned includes drafting, research work, writing articles, attending client meetings and attending Annual General Meetings. The interns are encouraged to clear all the doubts that arises during the work and the associates are patient and happy to help you at all times. The Associates and the Partners allocate time to listen to the briefing based on the research work done by the interns and the legal inputs and opinions that the interns may come up with. The firm is extremely professional.

“I am so happy and privileged to have interned at AKM as it provided me an opportunity to work with corporate laws and especially matters relating to Insolvency and Bankruptcy. This firm is ideal to intern for students who are interested in corporate law”

Maruthanayagam Venkatesh N, 4 th Year, BBA LLB, School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be) University, Bangalore

My internship experience at A.K Mylsamy and Associates was really enriching. I learnt a lot more than I expected. When I started my internship here, I had zero knowledge about anything related to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. As the last week of the Internship was approaching, I could easily understand and grasp what the seniors were referring to whenever we were researching on cases that dealt with IBC. All the seniors in the firm are really patient and ready to help at any point of time. One month is a very short period of time to learn anything in depth but whatever I learnt in my time at AKM, I have learnt to the best extent. I love the office environment and how each of us here is treated with so much respect. In a nutshell, I think every law student should be able to intern in a firm with such an atmosphere.

Mrinalini Dokka 3rd Year, B.A LL.B (hons.), Tamil Nadu National Law University

I worked as an intern at A.K. Mylsamy and Associates LLP, Chennai from 16th December, 2020 to 16th January, 2021. I received adequate support and guidance from all of the associates, who were willing to take time out of their schedule to brief us about the work parameter and provide clarity on our tasks. The associates and partners also treated the interns on par with a graduate or a new employee, a trait which is uncommon in established law firms. The work dimension ranged from simple proofreading tasks to in-depth research work. I received a multi-faceted insight into the working of a corporate law firm and the aspects of drafting, research, writing articles and attending client meetings. As the internship was during the pandemic, all the necessary safety protocols were strictly followed to ensure that the office space was safe and secure for everyone.

Jeevan S Hari, 4th Year, BBA LLB, School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be) University, Bengaluru

I interned for AKM Research & Analytics Pvt Ltd (AKMRA) which hosts the knowledge portal from March 2020 to November 2020. This nine-month internship had provided me hands on experience and enriched my knowledge in the field of Insolvency and Bankruptcy law. The firm provided me opportunities to read and summarise various NCLT and NCLAT orders, which made me understand the intricacies of the subject. Reporting was generally weekly basis, the mentors were helpful and they were ready to clear the doubts that I had immediately. The internship was a highly satisfying experience for me as it met with my goal of learning on a regular basis. I thank AKMRA for providing such a great opportunity.

Sowjanya S, 5th year, B. Com LL.B.(Hons.), School of Law, SASTRA Deemed University

I interned for AKM Research & Analytics Pvt Ltd (AKMRA) which hosts the knowledge portal I was asked to do summarization of IBC cases, research work on many topics pertaining to IBC. It was very exciting, and the summarized cases were used as a reference for many lawyers, researchers, and others who visited the I was given an opportunity to present the most important cases that I had summarized in the preceding weeks to enhance my knowledge. The Associates were always available in case I had queries regarding the assigned work.

A. S. JAYAHARINI, B.Com.,LL.B(Hons); 4th year, The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, School of Excellence in Law

I interned for AKM Research & Analytics Pvt Ltd (AKMRA) which hosts the knowledge portal AKM is a law firm based on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). The work assigned was Summarization of court orders pronounced by the NCLT, NCLAT and the SC. Through this internship, I came to know what IBC is all about as we don’t have a subject/law paper on the same. But after interning in AKMRA, I gained a lot of knowledge in IBC. Various research works were also assigned to me. The Associates of the firm guided me well throughout my tenure of internship. There was a great degree of independence provided and I really gained a lot of knowledge.

A. KEVIN SAGAYA LAZARUS, B.Com.,LL.B (Hons); 4th year, The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, School of Excellence in Law

I am Dhruti Lunker, IV year student, pursuing B.Com LLB (Hons) from Tamil Nadu National Law University. I decided to intern at A.K Mylsamy and Associates, LLP as it is one of the most renowned corporate firms in the city. I got to research on an array of propositions of IBC and Companies Act. Most of the work that I did was majorly based on the ongoing cases at the firm. I had the opportunity to participate in a client call and attend a client meeting. There was a new assignment every day and I was also given updates on the cases that I worked on previously. Despite interning at the firm for a month, I was able to make the most of it because of the firm’s co-operation. I appreciate the office environment and how each of us here is treated with so much respect. In a nutshell, my experience with A.K Mylsamy and Associates, LLP was extremely enriching.

Dhruti Lunker, IV year, B.Com. LL.B (Hons.), Tamil Nadu National Law University

My internship with A.K. Mylsamy & Associates, LLP was for a short span of 24 days. The firm operates under the halo of Mr. A.K. Mylsamy , and is a great place to learn. Environment of the firm is really welcoming and appreciative; associates are extremely kind and very supportive. The firm holds a positive attitude and working atmosphere. I spent the majority of my internship period working and researching on the corporate law and witnessing NCLT and High Court proceedings which enabled me to discover new unexplored areas of law.
During the course of my internship I was primarily working on cases related to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. The internship provided me with an opportunity to summarize IBC judgements and research on myriad issues of law. I feel elated to personally work under the mentorship of Mr. P.S Suman, Partner of the firm who assigned me interesting legal questions to research upon, and Ms. Subathra Mylsamy , Partner of the firm who bestowed upon me faith to write an article on the contemporary legal issues. I am also grateful to all the associates who always encouraged and supported me to work and explore my areas of interest. To sum up interning with AKM Chennai has really been a fantastic experience that I will cherish for times to come.

Divik Mathur, 3rd year BA-LLB student from Faculty of Law, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur

The internship was a valuable learning experience for me, and I believe it has prepared me well for my professional career. It provided me with valuable hands-on experience and a clear understanding of which knowledge areas and skills I should prioritize and develop in my future studies. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the firm’s culture and gain a better understanding of it. I’ve gained a lot of skills and a better understanding of what to expect after college.

Gautam, 3rd year LLB, SASTRA University, Thanjavur

My internship at A.K. Mylsamy & Associates, LLP was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. My tasks included case summarizations and research work on cases pertaining to the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, Companies Act, Arbitration and other areas of Corporate Law. The experience gave me a first-hand experience on Litigation paperwork and case brief are prepared. The close mentoring and friendly assistance from the associates and my co-interns added to my learning. Most importantly, the internship has given me a better outlook into what I would want to pursue in the future. I sincerely thank A.K. Mylsamy & Associates, LLP for this enriching opportunity and look forward to more such experiences with the firm.

Sunethra Reddy, 2nd year, BBA. LLB (H), Symbiosis Law School, Pune

I interned with A K Mylsamy & Associates, LLP from 15th of February 2021 to 19th of March 2021. The work culture here is excellent. I was never given pressure to complete the work assigned to me inspite of having deadlines. The partners and associates were patient enough in explaining everything from scratch. They tried to fit in the interns in the client meetings & case discussions. I was given a lot of research work, drafting work and article writing. In overall, I got a good exposure to different types of works and it was a good experience to intern with A K Mylsamy & Associates, LLP.

S. Varshini, 4th year, B.B.A.,L.L.B (Hons), Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, School of Excellence in Law, Chennai

I interned with A K Mylsamy & Associates, LLP from the month of February 15 to March 19, 2020. During my internship, I provided legal assistance to the corporate and litigation teams with research in IBC, Companies act, etc. I gained significant experience in drafting, due diligence, case summarization and also attended several NCLT hearings. The research given to me was very interesting and I learnt something new every day. In addition to research, I also got an opportunity to write for the firm’s newsletter. The firm has an extremely good work atmosphere and the partners & associates were friendly to teach things from scratch.

Soundarya Mathavan, 4th year, B.B.A.,L.L.B (Hons), Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, School of Excellence in Law, Chennai

I had an amazing experience interning with A.K. Mylsamy and Associates, LLP. During my internship I mostly worked on IBC cases and was able to learn and understand operative part of the Code The associates here are kind and supportive, they encourage us and clear our doubts on the legal provisions. The associates and partners take time from their busy schedule to help the interns understand on how to work with each case. Regular review and feedback on all the work done by the interns is also provided by the Associates and Partners. The office holds a positive outlook and environment. A.K. Mylsamy and Associates, LLP is the best place for interns who are looking for an enriched learning experience. I am grateful to Ms. Subathra Mylsamy for giving me an opportunity to intern with her esteemed organisation.

Nivetha Saravanan (4th year B.A.,LLB(Hons) SRM School of Law)

My internship at AK Mylsamy & Associates, LLP was really an eye-opening opportunity for me to explore the Corporate and IBC side of Law Practice. I got to learn the nuances of drafting and research. I even got to witness the online NCLT and High Court proceedings and understand the online court culture. The associates were very polite in describing the allotted work and clarified and corrected our queries, making sure we learnt something out of the work we do. I really want to thank the firm for giving me an opportunity to intern with them.

M. Vishal Sundaramughan B.B.A.LL. B(Hons), 4th Year School of Excellence in Law

My 2 (two) months internship at A K Mylsamy & Associates LLP was a great opportunity to get to know the daily processes at a law firm. My experience was wholly enriching and fruitful. A variety of assignments were allotted to me each day and it never felt mundane. The associates and partners were always ready to take out time and explain the nuances behind each matter. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, when all my academic endeavors came to a halt, this internship at A K Mylsamy & Associates LLP helped me to buttress my research and legal skills. Above all, I have a clear vision of where I see myself and what I want from my career.

Rachel Florence J, B.B.A LLB (Hons) 4th Year, TNDALU School of Excellence in Law Chennai

I cherished my time interning at A K Mylsamy & Associates, LLP and learnt a lot during the month and a half I was with the firm. Working with everyone, across both the Chennai and Bangalore office was a great opportunity for me to learn different aspects of Corporate Law. I received feedback and guidance for every work that I had done and that gave me immense gratification and support. Specifically, towards the last couple of weeks, taking part in case discussions with Suman Sir and Balu Sir was a learning which I looked forward to every single day.

I am immensely grateful to the firm and the experience it has provided me even during the ongoing pandemic.

Sarva Easwaran, 3rd year B.Com, LL.B, SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur

My internship at A K Mylsamy & Associates, LLP was an enriching experience. I was able to gain an understanding of the basics of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law and Company Law. I worked with the firm for a period of three months. It was a wonderful experience for me. My internship mentor and other seniors were helpful and welcoming throughout this duration, especially Santhosh Sir, who was always available to help me out with my queries. By the end of this internship, I have gained a lot of knowledge of law. My sincere thanks to A.K Mylsamy & Associates, LLP for giving me this opportunity.

Christina D’souza College: 3rd Year student at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow)

I got a chance to intern in this prestigious law firm. I was given the work of summarizing the judgements of the National Company Law tribunal. Due to the task assigned to me, I was able to carefully understand the working of National Company Law tribunal and procedures laid down in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. Also, my mentor during the internship programme Mr. Santosh NS, was supportive and was always there to answer my queries. Thus, I had a great learning experience interning with this law firm.

Shivika Goyal, 4th Year, B.A. LL.B (Hons), Punjab University, Chandigarh

Due to Covid-19 pandemic my internship was online. The main tasks which I was assigned was summarising the IBC judgements delivered by various NCLT’s and NCLAT. During the first week of my internship, I was given training regarding the format in which the firm wants me to summarise the case laws. From the second week, I was allotted with a specific number of case laws which were supposed to be summarised within a week’s time. I appreciate the firm’s concern towards the interns as the firm would conduct a conference call every week to know if the intern was facing any difficulties during the course of the internship and address them immediately. The firm also provides you with feedback on your work which you have done during that particular week.

I derived a lot of knowledge in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. The firm also encourages interns to write research articles if the interns are interested in the same. I would also make a special mention of Subathra Ma’am and Santhosh Sir who constantly monitored my work. Overall, I had a very productive internship with this firm and would love to associate with the firm again in the future.

Anumula Guru Charan, 4th Year, BBA LLB (Hons)School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore

I feel extremely fortunate to have underwent internship training in M/s. A K Mylsamy & Associates, LLP. With my prior work experience in corporate law compliance work, this internship provided me a deeper understanding and a greater perspective of corporate law disputes practice and general corporate practice as well.

I feel greatly honored for the opportunity to closely work with and get mentored by learned seniors of the firm like Mr. K K Balu, Mr. P S Suman and Ms. Sarah Abraham. Their mentoring enabled me to have a deep understanding of legal issues and different ways of interpreting the intent of a legislation. Further, multiple opportunities were provided to me for drafting legal opinions, applications with NCLT and research on interesting propositions. This not only enabled me to exhibit my skills, but also honed my understanding of laws and provided me greater confidence in my approach towards legal issues.

Sahana S, School of Law, VISTAS

My experience at A. K. Mylsamy & Associates, LLP was probably one of the best internship experiences I have had. It has created a benchmark for future. My tasks included lots of research and assistance in IBC, Companies Act and various other areas of Corporate Law. There is a great scope for learning in the firm as all the associates and partners leave no stone unturned to help you. Interning at A. K. Mylsamy & Associates, LLP also gave me a clear picture as to how a corporate law firm function. With a very warm and welcoming environment alongside support and guidance, the firm delivers a first-class experience.

Dhanyasri Talluri, BBA.LLB(Hons), VIT School of Law

My time at A. K. Mylsamy & Associates, LLP is one of the most enriching experiences I have had. My work consisted of various activities from research to drafting. The associates explained every case and cleared my doubts with patience and were always welcoming. I gained a lot of knowledge and insight about the work atmosphere at the firm. Through this experience I was able to self-analyze and found my interest towards commercial law. It was a breakthrough to explore and find my career path. I thank A. K. Mylsamy & Associates, LLP for this opportunity.

Melena Janet Jeen R, 4th Year BBA LL.B (Finance and Business Laws Hons.), Alliance University, Bangalore.

My time with the firm has been a learning experience not only in respect of comprehending IBC provisions but also about how professionalism is maintained even when someone is working remotely. The weekly calls were made to ensure that my performance was up to the standard and also to facilitate free communication as to whether I was facing any issues with regard to my internship. Overall, my journey has been a splendid one with some patient and helpful seniors to guide me through the process and I will forever to be grateful to Subathra Ma’am for providing me this opportunity. I would love to be associated with the firm for any future opportunities.

Aniket Dutta, 4th Year, B.A. LL.B (Hons), School of Law, CHRIST, Bangalore

My time at AK Mylsamy and Associates, LLP was enriching and a very good learning experience. Covid safety measures were being followed strictly. The associates were friendly and approachable. I always received feedback regarding my work which further helped me to understand where I went wrong. If one wants to learn then AK Mylsamy and Associates, LLP is a very good place to be at. 

G. Bijaharini, 5th Year B.Com LLB (Hons.), Tamil Nadu National Law University

The 5 week I had interned at AK Mylsamy and Associates, LLP helped me gain a lot of exposure to IBC , Company Law ,NCLT and NCLAT matters. I had an amazing experience exploring the Corporate side of the Law. I got to learn and understand the intricate details to drafting and researching on specific areas of the law. The Associates and Partners guide and direct you, taking time from their busy schedules to help us explore and understand.
I cherished my time at AK Mylsamy and Associates, LLP, and I’m grateful for the opportunity, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Meghana Shivakumar, 4th Year BBA. LLB (Hons), Sastra University, Thanjavur

Thank you so much for a rewarding One month as an Intern at A K Mylsamy Associates LLP.

I appreciate  the willingness of the firm to let me explore all of the facets of the department. I was able to obtain in-depth knowledge about section 66 of the companies act and develop a basic understanding of the customs act, customs and tariff act and GST during my internship. I also understood the nuances and intricacies of organised research for a case when I was provided with an opportunity to research about a few areas in IBC. Most Importantly I was also provided with the opportunity to observe various client meetings which equipped me to obtain hands-on experience about the current corporate world.

This internship aided me to see how a corporate firm works. I have gained insights into professional ethics, communication and most importantly first-hand real-life instances of how much work goes into the functioning of a Corporate firm. I am better equipped to add value to my professional degree. My internship at AK Mylsamy and  Associates, LLP  was positive and rewarding experience. I wish you and the entire team of AK Mylsamy and  Associates, LLP continued success.

Thank you AK Mylsamy and  Associates, LLP for all the support and for the internship opportunity you provided me with.

Apsaraa Sridhar, 2nd Year BBA. LLB, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

My internship experience at AK Mylsamy and  Associates, LLP was really enriching. I was exposed to drafting, researching and even attending client meetings which contributed to a deep understanding and practical insights of the tasks. The associates were very helpful and supportive. AK Mylsamy and  Associates, LLP gave me a great opportunity to learn and develop skills I’ll need for a career in commercial law.

Ananya Srinath, 5th Year, B.A. LLB from VIT School of Law, Chennai

My experience at AK Mylsamy and  Associates, LLP was really enriching and exciting. I got to learn about different areas of law and learn how the corporate world works. Sitting through meetings and working on cases really brings out the reality experience everyone has to have in their life. My time at AK Mylsamy and  Associates, LLP has taught me to give my best to whatever I’m working on and to have a fruitful experience wherever I go.

Uthraa, 2nd Year BBA. LLB, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

My experience at AK Mylsamy and  Associates, LLP was indeed awesome. From learning about the nuances of corporate law to being able to understand the practical setting of a firm-client meeting, the overall experience was delightful and thought-provoking. I am completely confident that the knowledge and wisdom that I obtained while interning at AK Mylsamy and Associates, LLP would help in all my future endeavors.

Krishna Sridhar, 2nd Year BBA. LLB, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad



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